About Us

vatmate® is a wholly owned trading division of iVAT Limited. It was initially created to offer assistance to businesses facing the problems associated with the changes brought about by the EU cross-border trading rules introduced on the first of January 2015. Since then it has developed a robust, real-time eCommerce tracking, logging and reporting system that provides accurate data and proof of status of all online business transactions.

Tim Myerson - Director, Co-Founder
Having enjoyed a successful career in financial services, Tim has spent more than twenty five years as a company director, business consultant, mentor and coach. He has been involved in the start-up and management of businesses in the telecoms, finance, legal and professional services sectors.
Gareth Davies - Director, Co-Founder
Gareth brings considerable knowledge and skills to his role from a career of more than 30 years working ultimately as a Senior Business Consultant for one of the largest Corporates in the world. He has particular expertise in organisational governance, multi-billion dollar programme development and public speaking.