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240 F 84682642 s6nqzUgAd412EjF1t4a6GzszB0qYlygTWhether you’re selling to consumers or other businesses within the UK, cross-border to EU member states or further a field, you know it makes sense to sell online. Your customers are online. And so are your competitors.

If you’re selling online, it is crucial that you can prove what rate of VAT you applied to every sale made. Increasingly, if you sell cross-border, you also need to provide evidence of the type of customer you sold the item to as well as their location at the time they placed their order!

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vatmate® reduces the time you have to spend on preparing your VAT return meaning you can use that saved time to generate more sales.


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icons business80vatmate® delivers peace of mind ensuring your business is compliant every day of the week. There is nothing worse than worrying about tax compliance and the possibility of getting it wrong and being fined or, worse, challenged legally. vatmate® takes this away and helps businesses thrive in multiple markets with confidence and ease.

Loved by developers

icons designer80vatmate integrates with existing eCommerce websites making it the obvious choice for developers grappling with the issue of VAT compliance. For developers specialising in eCommerce, vatmate® is a great product to share with their customers and demonstrates deep industry knowledge.

Recommended by accountants

icons accountant80For accountants, the data vatmate® generates relieves the serious administrative burden of reconciling online sales for VAT returns. vatmate® puts the right data in front of the right people and makes life easier for your accountant. 


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