vatmate® as a Management Solution 

We're here for businesses who sell goods or services online

240 F 87438852 Dep8hMioR3kZgKRIELHlsVKBC5p1KsINThe software works seamlessly with your existing eCommerce site and ePayment provider. From the moment a visitor lands on your website, the transaction is tracked. It identifies, in real-time, if a visitor to your site is a consumer or another business. It determines the country in which a sale may take place and it selects and applies the correct rate of VAT for each item on sale. The total price, including the specific amount of VAT, is displayed before the customer places their order.

vatmate® recognises a completed sale and automatically records the details of the transaction. The data is stored securely and is available for download as and when required for business analysis and reporting – making it quick and easy to submit your VAT return to the relevant tax authority.

With vatmate® at your back you save time and effort and the data can be employed in the variety of tasks and reports that a businesses needs to run efficiently. 

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